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Project end June 2017.
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FreePDF Version History


  • Updated manuals
  • Fixed an error during setup and uninstall
  • Conversion to Redmon 1.9 - license change AFPL Ghostscript to GPL
  • PDF_tk removed due to license concerns - but can still be used
  • Watermarks can also be placed over the text.
  • Fixed WindowsXP setup bugs
  • New Save dialog. Attempt against occasional Appcrash
  • New setup for MS runtime. Target on freshly installed Windows operating systems (Win 7 / Win8) prevent various crashes
  • Minor bug fixes


  • stability improvements
  • Installed PDF / A function
  • Default PDF compatibility to Acrobat 8 ​​changed.
  • Windows 8 compatible (not RT). Uses the "MS Publisher Color Printer" drivers and patches the PPD to get all paper sizes and sets all necessary options.
  • Fixes the setup problem "certificate error" in software distributions by the other printer drivers.
  • Fixes issues with the encryption and Ghostscript 9.xx.
  • New feature at Watermark: First and follow pages can get different watermark . PDFtk is now included.


Version now supports Ghostscript 9.xx

  • Error of 4.04 fixed:
  • Various PsSpecialChar problems
  • Setup Error: FpAssist is now started in user mode .
  • Fixed a bug when changing the version of Ghostscript.
  • Bug in policy: MultiDoc Sort button is now visible.


Error of 4.02 fixed:
  • For computers with Outlook or Outlook Express fpMailer.exe is automatically activated in place of ShellMail.exe. Existing installations can be improved by the setup.
  • Auto Setup should now do the same in Windows Vista , Windows 7 and Server 2008/2008 R2.


Error of Version 4.00 / 4:01 eliminated:
  • Setup Error "Error in modules mSetup1.MakePsDir" "1.6"
  • "Error in modules" with misconfigured user fpDir
  • Correct handling of. Docx and other Office 2007 file name


Errors of version 4.00 fixed:
  • Setup error in non-German Windows language settings
  • Occasional error when using the PDF button


  • Processing directories are personalized. No more paths in the regular workflow.
  • 64- bit Windows support and Ghostscript 64- bit support
  • My Printer driver (not signed - not when auto setup possible). Up to 4000 dpi (600 default) and 5x5 paper size. When switching from FreePDF FreePDF should be uninstalled first , so that the printer will be created. An otherwise the existing printer will be used.
  • Configuration dialog now also available on Vista without admin rights.
  • Terminal Server specialty: Should fpassist.exe be started in a session in which no complete surface but only a single program is started, fpassist.exe can be startet with a parameter. Use the following call, for example, for Notepad.exe:
    • Program path and file name: 
      C:\Program Files\fpassist.exe C:\Windows\notepad.exe
    • Start in the following folder:
  • New style (Vista - style). Can be in the configuration back to XP style. In addition, for systems with low color resolution, a style used 'gray' (hooks in XP style on gray set).

Until freepdf.exe 3:26

Feature list:

  • FreePDF generally
  • Create PDF via the File / Print
  • Create PDF by double-clicking on existing PostScript file
  • Join PDF - Assemble existing PDF files (limited to 200 files per session)
  • PDF Multidoc - For several successive print jobs into a single PDF Create
  • Create PDF on Desktop - with a single click , the PDF is created and opened
  • Save to PDF
  • PDF as email (unless on the e -mail program supports)
  • PDF encryption with 40 and 128 bits
  • Profile Configuration
  • Access to all standard PDF settings that are supported by Ghostscript
  • Configuration of actions before and after the PDF creation (include your own scripts is possible)
  • Together with PDFtk (PDF Toolkit) Watermark can be integrated. For example, can such a preprinted letterhead be mounted behind the PDF - the expression is then printed as on form .
  • PDF encryption can be configured by using the profile and need not be separately confirmed when printing
  • One profile ' for all users', a printer can be created that automatically uses this profile. The profile can then be given a default action. So that the dialogue can be processed automatically. All actions of the dialogue are selected.
  • Instead of PDF files also profiles could for many graphic formats (jpg, eps, png, tiff, multi-page tiff, etc) are created. It will then generate corresponding image files.
  • More configuration options
  • Options Assitenten and FreePDF Haupprogramms can be removed individually to users fewer opportunities to make mistakes, to offer (policy function)
  • Ghostscript path can be changed manually
  • Many settings that are accessible only by Registery - see the Administration Guide.
  • languages
    • German / German
    • English / English
    • French / French
    • Polish / Polish
    • Portuguese / PortuguÍs (Portugal)
    • Portuguese / PortuguÍs (Brasil)
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