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Project end June 2017.
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What is FreePDF

Freepdf.exe is , strictly speaking, a graphical user interface for Ghostscript. Where Ghostscript is a PostScript interpreter (Wikipedia). In short, PostScript is a page description language that can draw pages with the vector-based graphic data. PostScript usually is used in better laser printers.

Ghostscript can convert PostScript data to other formats - including PDF (Wikipedia). PDF is so to speak a descendant of PostScript, which was designed for the presentation of electronic paper on the screen. But it is not as simple as that sounds here. There are almost endless possibilities, how PostScript and PDF can be interpreted. The inventor of both formats - Adobe - certainly has economic interests and bring the PDF format on a regular basis with more features that will make it capable for Collaboration, form filling or 3D image processing.

Freepdf.exe takes a different approach here. The goal is simply to convert static documents into a universal document format. Thus, for example Word documents to PDF will look exactly like the printed on any system, while the various versions of Word partly have significant problems with the .Doc format.

If you want to pass data to a print out of your Corel Draw, PDF is the accepted format. FreePDF provides the quality which is required for such processes. Miracle are notincluded, of course: If an applications provides images in RGB format, it also makes for FreePDF and Ghostscript no sense to convert these to CMYK. Microsoft Office is, for example, a RGB candidate - with MS Office products therefore can never be given something to a print shop when it comes to the colors.

FreePDF but can do much more.


PDF Creating is not that easy - but you FreePDF takes the complicated part. If you have ever dealt with the PDF format, or Ghostscript, you can change almost everything detail in FreePDF.

See here how to do it:

Use cases

The most common application of FreePDF is File, Print.

The following is accessible to a user with a few clicks:

- Send a PDF by e-mail
- Storing PDF files
- Place it on the desktop, the desktop button
- Create multiple prints into a single PDF - MultiDoc
- FreePDF Join - Assemble PDF documents

FreePDF is free

Freepdf.exe really is free - no hidden costs and no advertising. No spyware, no automatic updates. Simply because I also do not like this in other "freeware".

Freepdf.exe is also freeware for companies.

Certainly I am happy about donations. However, I have a problem to write bills. More often I am asked by the company if I have a bill partly could write lucrative amounts. But since I do not run a company I can identify no sales tax. Feel free however to use FreePDF in your company.

FreePDF is also for government agencies, associations and other organizations freeware.

From time to time I will be requested to issue a permit for this or that authority. I understand freeware as really free software - even for public authorities, associations or other organizations.

License therms

FreePDF License:
  • FreePDF is a Freeware (also for companies).
  • The author is not responsible for possibly Damage, which is caused by a use of FreePDF.
  • The author does his best to release virus-free Software. The author is not responsible however for damage, through possibly Virus infections.
  • For the software there is no email support for free.
  • You receive support to FreePDF in the manual and under
  • Label names used in the software are own of there owners.
  • FreePDF may not be sold. On booklet CD's of magazines FreePDF can be delivered.
  • New in 4.08: It is not allowed to use FreePDF for delivering Adware. The Provision with Downloader-Software, that changes any settings on the users Computer is not allowed.
  • The Program Redmon is licensed by the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
  • Author of FreePDF is Stefan Heinz
If you are not agree with this license you are not allowed to use FreePDF.

 Imprint© 2014 Stefan Heinz