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Project end June 2017.
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Help FreePDF

For questions about FreePDF following sources are available: 
- FreePDF Manual (Supplied with installation) 
- FreePDF Administratoinshandbuch ( German | English ) 
- FreePDF Forum 

Questions via e-mail I can not answer for lack of time usually. 

FreePDF Blog

How is the printer created FreePDF 

Type the following command, I call by shell on (XP / Server 2003 - different version of Windows possibly other INF path and different printer model): 

rundll32 printui.dll, PrintUIEntry / if / f C: \ Windows \ inf \ ntprint.inf / r "FreePDFXP1:" / m "Apple Color LW 12/660 PS" / b "FreePDF" / z " 

C: \ Windows \ inf \ ntprint.inf is the driver source - in the case of FreePDF the Windows drivers, FreePDFXP1: is the printer port, Apple Color LW drivers and "FreePDF" the printer name. 

The whole does only on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, if the Windows driver file is available - otherwise you will receive a prompt to insert the Windows CD. On other Windows versions will be canceled if there is no driver. 

To remove the printer I use 

rundll32 printui.dll, PrintUIEntry / dl / n "FreePDF" 

The RedMon Port I wear in on the Registery. 

FreePDF as a network printer

FreePDF is a Graphic attachment for Ghostscript - ie a user interface for a command-line oriented conversion tool. The use as a network printer was not in focus in the development and makes this Kontenxt no sense.

Setup Error freepdf.exe 

If you experience problems during the installation of FreePDF occur, first check the following: 

- Do you have administrative rights? 
- Do you have sufficient free disk space? You should allow approximately 10 MB of disk space for FreePDF. 

Problems when creating the printer port: 

- Do you have any installed an older version of RedMon? 

Please remove this before installing FreePDF. 

When are PDF documents used?

PDF documents (Portable Document Format) are used to program and platform-independent display of documents. The aim of PDF documents is to play content layout True. 

PDF documents are insbesonderen applied: 

- If documents are stored electronically 
- If documents from different programs are published 
- If documents are handed over to the printers for 

How to create PDF documents

PDF documents can be created with FreePDF as follows: 

- Select your application's 'File', 'Print' 
- Select the printer 'freepdf.exe', print as on an ordinary printer (Do not 'Print to file') 
- The blue highlighted FreePDF dialog appears. Select an option: 

'By email' opens a new e-mail to which the PDF is attached. 

With 'Save As' you can select a folder and file name. 

With 'On Desktop', the document is simply created on your desktop. You can handle it from there. 

'MultiDoc' represents the current document back and processes it later together with one or more other documents into a single PDF

With what PDF documents can be displayed?

PDF documents are usually with the Adobe (R) Reader from Adobedisplayed. 

In addition, several other programs are able to display or process PDF files - usually on platforms that are neglected by Adobe.

Can freepdf.exe and Ghostscript are used for free? Is there a license

Yes and yes. 

First time in words: 

FreePDF may be used free of charge, but must - because it contains Redmon - will not be sold (not as part of services). 

For AFPL Ghostscript applies the same; GNU and GPL Ghostscript may also be sold. 

And for future reference: 

The license to freepdf.exe you to the manual or the site About FreePDFfound. The AFPL applies to the contained Redmon. 

Ghostscript is available in the meantime with three licenses: 

- AFPL Ghostscript (eg ) or better in the online manual for Ghostscript 8:14, 8.50, and others. 

- GNU Ghostscript - See the Online Manual 7.05 

- GPL Ghostscript - See online manual version 8.15 and the following

How freepdf.exe works under the hood

FreePDF.exe can be started in many ways. This here is the usual way using File / Print: 

1 Windows spooler 

The Windows spooler stores the data and sends it to the port FREEPDFXP1.This port is managed by Redmon ( ~ ghost / redmond /). 

2 Redmon 

Redmon Redmon starts the tool redrun.exe, witch writes the print job to a temporary directory. Normally, this is the% temp% of the invoking user. If the spooler runs as a system, this is C: \ Windows \ temp. 

3 fpRedMon.exe 

fpRedMon.exe is part freepdf.exe and is called with the PS file as a parameter. fpRedMon.exe open the PS file and extracts the owner.FpRedMon.exe then moves the file to the psDir, which is normally Profiles \ All Users \ FreePDF and renames the file in to (if this is the first file to the user). FpRedMon.exe then tried the NTFS Permission to Everyone: to put RWXD (if it is an NTFS file system). 

4 fpassist.exe 

This program searches every second for a file Username *. Ps. If a file is found, a dialog for the user opens. Now, a user must click on one of the buttons to start FreePDF.exe. 

5 FreePDF.exe 

FreePDF.exe is "/ 3" called with the command (see FreePDF.exe parameters in the Administration Guide). FreePDF creates the PDF file by calling gswin32c.exe. Then it performs the given commands - eg open PDF file or open an e-mail. 

6 fpMailer.exe 

In the case that the user wants to open an e-mail fpMailer.exe is called. This is looking at HKey_Local_Machine \ Software \ Clients \ Mail the active mail program. This program is called with a new email that contains the PDF file.The call depends on the email program and is usually done via MAPI or IAC functions.
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