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Project end June 2017.
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Problems with FreePDF

If you have problems with FreePDF, please look first in the support area for!

If you expect email support from me, I expect a donation in the range of 10 € / U.S. $. This of course does not include that I can help you or realize desired changes.


This site is private and non-commercial. It is run by Stefan Heinz. If you have discovered that parts of this website violate the law, I ask you for a friendly notification. I will then strive to create instances of maladministration out of the world.
This website is a private website that I run as a hobby.

Please understand that I am not reachable by phone. Therefore My phone number is not in the imprint and not in the phone book.

     * Please call and not other people with my name in order to get help for FreePDF.

     Write instead an e-mail.

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